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GeoPass Token Tower: Cities benefit from active citizens

GeoPass is a platform for increased citizen engagement. It rewards community engagement while preserving privacy.

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GeoPass Token Tower: Cities benefit from active citizens

Things used in this project

Hardware components

Spresense LTE extension board
Sony Spresense LTE extension board
The main board for the project
Spresense boards (main & extension)
Sony Spresense boards (main & extension)
The LTE board for connecting to the cellular IOT network
Voltaic Solar 6W kit
Solar cell and battery pack to power the project when installed somewhere outside
Sparkfun 2D barcode reader
To Scan the QR code of the EVM compatible crypto wallet address to send the Community Token
AYL Mini Powered Speaker
A real easy way to get audio out and loud enough to hear
Adafruit Illuminated Push button
Push the button to trigger QR scanning

Software apps and online services

For hosting the backend system to support the Spresense API calls over LTE
To proxy the calls from the backend services to the Polygon network blockcain
Polygon Network
The target network for deployment of the smart contracts to keep track of the community tokens provided by the Token Towers
TruPhone IOT Plan
For HTTPS connectivity to relay calls to backend web service

Hand tools and fabrication machines

Mini 2
LulzBot Mini 2
Used my lulzbot to print all the parts for the project


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Custom parts and enclosures

Solar Cell top plate

The solar cell fits in here

Battery Bay

Fits under the solar panel, holds the battery


Mount for button and scanner, holds the circuit components and fits under the batter bay. Designed to be mounted on top of a in-ground stand ~3-4 ft off the ground


Components and Connections


Mono repo for the project

Clone this repo and follow through Readme instructions to set up your own back-end service, ZK circuits, ERC20 Token, and deployment scripts.

Spresense firmware source code

The source code for Nuttx app is in a new example project I created when I forked the SDK repo. Look for the app lte_http_post in examples


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